Knowing your target market can help increase sales by 100%

It’s easy to jump into promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other platforms. Since everyone is doing it, most people assume that they should too.

You might get lucky and have a campaign do really well, but you still won’t understand why it did so well.

This article will explain why research and, more specifically, your target market will help determine where to promote your business.

Know your target market

Your target market will be the number one indicator as far as telling you what channels to use to promote your services. You will want to know the basics, which include: Gender, age, job title, income, and education. These will help you get started, but you can go in-depth and really create your customer profile or persona.

If you have existing customers go through their customer profile. If not, take a look at competitors that are offering similar services as you.

Look at what you offer and who is more likely to benefit from your offering.

Once you have an understanding of who your customer is. You are ready to get into the different channels to use.

What channels to use to promote your services

For the purpose of this article, we are going to exclude the buyer journey. Different stages that a person goes through, called the buyer journey, can help you long term, but that will be for another article.

So we are going to focus on using your target market to choose the best options.

Average User age by platform

Facebook – Ages 25-34 (second largest 18-24)

Instagram – Age 18-29

Linkedin – Ages 25-30 (second largest 30-49)

Twitter – Ages 18-24 (second largest 25-30)

TikTok – Ages 13-24

Youtube – Age 18-29

So these are just a few examples of user age demographics for each platform. Within each platform, you can also go into income, education, and other categories to help with your targeting.

As you can see by knowing your target market, you can really focus on the platform or platforms that your target market is using.

Use your research to your advantage

Use the information you gather on your target market to your advantage. Pick channels where you know your audience is more likely to be.

In doing so, you can help reduce budget waste when it comes to your target market.

Hopefully, this helps get you started when choosing where to promote your business or services.