Reasons why hiring a copywriter will be one of the best investments for your business!

Copywriting can take your business to another level with storytelling, messaging, and building trust

We live in a constantly changing world, and it seems like switching to an online mindset is starting to become a reality. 

A brick-and-mortar location can help you get some foot traffic, but most people search for questions and look for answers on the internet. Your website is one of the first places people visit for more information.

Copywriting can help you increase sales, bookings, phone calls, and purchases by helping you tell your brand story and establish your messaging in a way that connects with your audience. 

What is copywriting? 

Copywriting is the act of writing to try to increase awareness and persuade someone to take a specific action. 

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is someone who creates written material to be used for marketing objectives. A copywriter can help you develop persuasive writing that aligns with your brand voice and helps encourage your audience to take the next step. 

They can help you 

  • tell a story
  • provide informative information
  • encourage your audience to make a phone call, book a call, or make a purchase

These are just a few examples of objectives that a copywriter can help you achieve. 

Let’s say you are starting from scratch and don’t have a website

Assuming you are not a web designer, you will probably have to hire someone to help create and design your website. Creating your website is just part 1. Part 2 is the actual content that will be living on each page. More specifically, text or what we like to refer to as copy. This means having to hire a copywriter to help you write copy for each page you plan to have. 

Is copywriting just for websites?

No, copywriting is used for a variety of products such as emails, flyers, landing pages, blog posts, ad copy, and more. 

Why can’t I write my own copy? 

Well, you can, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if you’re not a writer, why force it when you can hire a copywriter to help you write flawless material while you focus on running your business.

Don’t lose customers because of your word choice

Copywriting is like sales. You have to know what to say and what not to say. Certain words and phrases have different meanings, and choosing the right words can be the difference between closing a sale and losing a potential customer. 

Here are a few reasons why hiring a copywriter will be one of the best investments for your business

Sometimes things are easier said than done, and you might have an idea in your head but might not know how to express that idea with words or text. 

Maybe you have the ideas and the message you want to put out for your audience, but time isn’t on your side. 

As a business owner, especially when you are first starting out, you want to do everything, and that’s good, but sometimes you need to let go that way. You can be more efficient and get things done faster. Hiring a copywriter will free up some of your time and allow you to hire a professional that will deliver top-quality content. 

The content on your website, emails, landing pages, flyers, and ads should help you connect with your audience. The words and text should help establish a connection that showcases who you are and how you can help your reader. 

Copywriting isn’t just about selling. It’s about having a conversation with your audience in a way that encourages them to take the next step without making it feel pushy. 

Your brand and voice is unique

A good copywriter doesn’t just write for the sake of writing. They take on your persona and write as if they were you. They help become an extension of you and your voice. A copywriter can help create content consistent with your brand’s existing tone and voice.

Creating copy that is consistent with your brand is vital. Your readers won’t be engaged if your brand is fun and outgoing, but your copy is dull and serious. The same goes if your brand is more professional and work-related, a laid-back tone might not be the best approach. 

One cohesive brand on all platforms 

Having a cohesive brand voice across all platforms and marketing material is a must. A good copywriter can help you achieve this by adapting to each platform and marketing material. 

Social media platforms are each unique and also have their own target market. Good copy should focus on how to best relate to that reader.

The majority of decisions we make as individuals are based on our emotions. We are more inclined to make a purchase if we can connect with a brand in some way. Your copy can help connect with your audience and help you establish trust. 

Mixed messages don’t fly

Your brand has a unique personality, and it should show through your copy. Before a prospective buyer even gives you a call, they make a quick decision based on how you present yourself online. They check out your website, social media channels, and various marketing material to see who you are. 

Your word choice should reflect your brand and everything that encompasses your business. Your messaging should align with your company style, look, price, and location. If the two don’t match up, it could confuse your audience and make them second guess their decision.

People want a sense of belonging, and if you create a message that resonates with your audience, it makes it easier for them to make a decision.  

Encourage your audience to take an action and increase sales

Telling a story is just part of what good copywriting can help you accomplish. The second part is closing the sale. A good copywriter can help you weave in important calls to action that will help encourage your audience to take the next step based on your objective. 

A call to action is important, and the body of your content should help set this up, so it doesn’t feel like a payment to your audience. Making that call, signing up for a newsletter, booking a reservation, or making a purchase should feel like an investment rather than a purchase. 

Perfecting the skill of copywriting takes time, which is why hiring a professional copywriter can help you drive sales. 

SEO and copywriting

SEO and copywriting can become tricky if not executed properly. Just like you don’t want to sound too sales-y. You also don’t want to stuff keywords into your content in a way that doesn’t make sense.

An excellent copywriter can help you navigate both worlds. They can help you incorporate your keywords to flow with your content. That way, you make sure your content is easy to read for your audience and optimized to help you rank your website for your given keywords in search results. 

A copywriters perspective

Sometimes as a leader and a business owner, it’s good to take a step back and see what solutions someone can offer. A new perspective can provide you with a unique insight that you might not have seen before. 

A copywriter can bring in their writing expertise to help guide your brand story and focus on how you can better serve your customers with storytelling and messaging. 

Your messaging can help build trust with potential customers, which can help you establish a connection with your customers and help guide them through the decision-making process.  

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